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The first and only operator of tours in Madeira  exclusively focused on culinary experiences in Funchal.

Created by a passionate about food and the work she does as qualified local guide, we would like to share this projetct with you and invite you to accompany us in this interactive culinary adventure.

All because we believe in the universal language of eating the local food, learning about the culture and history of a country, 

Each tour consists of 3.5 hours ride accompanied by a qualified guide.

At each site, you will sample one or more elements of the Madeiran cuisine, usually accompanied with regional drinks or Portuguese wines.

You will also learn about the history behind each of the restaurants, as well as Funchal´s heritage, often considered one of the best towns in Europe to live.

On a relaxed way, like if you were among friends, we take you through the old streets of Funchal, the roads less traveled, to places that only the locals know.

Bring your appetite and come on!

We are featured in 

You Could Travel

“What i loved most about  Madeira Food on Foot Tours is that i got an introduction not just into the local Madeira food specialties, but into the real local way of life.”

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Great Destinations Radio Show

“Broadcasted on over 70 UK radio stations. Believe me - you won’t want lunch before, or dinner after, this tour, which was one of the best food walks that I have been on.”

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We are featured in E&T Abroad

“When we were planning what to do in Madeira, it was clear that we would not want to miss the local food tour, organized by Madeira Exquisite Food on Foot Tours.”

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