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"Food on Foot take off."

The idea was born when Jaqueline traveled to Iceland and took part on a street food tour in Reykjavik and came back to Madeira so excited, it all sounded so interesting and inspiring!

Jaqueline is a qualified Tour Guide with a great experience, she was born in Madeira and works as a tour guide for almost 20 years.

She thought it was about time to do something different in Madeira than the regular tours she has been doing for many years, it was about time to do something fun and rewarding.

Jaqueline has the planning and organizing abilities and put this project together just to offer you restaurants off the beaten path, with the best food in the town.

Most of all she is a good storyteller who like good food and good wine, and understand the idea of the universal language of eating the food and learning about the place.

"My aim is to bring Madeira island to the world through its food culture and daily life in a casual and creative way.

I try to keep small groups (maximum 12 people) to make it more familiar, i wish to make you feel as our friends in town whom you eat and walk around with.

I agree that telling the story of the food is also telling the story of a nation and its culture and at the same time an important gateway to getting to know a place.

Going on a food tour is a great way to get all the senses Involved and to create an amazing experience.





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