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Guided by passionate and qualified local guides, this tour makes a perfect harmony between culture, history, sweet and sour flavors that will for sure surrender you to our traditional flavors, includes 15 samples of food and all drinks. 

We advise you not to have a big breakfast, so you can enjoy all you have to eat and drink.

We garantee that no one ever finished the tour hungry!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 1:00 pm

Wednesday at 10:30 am

Duration: 4h00m | 75,00€ Adults | 58,00€ Children (7 to 12 years old)


If you are someone who enjoys a tot of different spirits, or someone keen to learn about the different production methods used in the manufacturing of Madeira sugar cane rum (Agricola) this expertly guided tour is perfect for you.

Madeiran rum gets it unique taste and flavours by being produced from freshly crushed sugar cane juice, rather than the molasses, left over from the production of sugar, used in the production of most Caribbean rum.

Thursday at 12:00 pm

Duration: 4h00m | 80,00€ Adults


If you are open to new experiences you will surely enjoy a portuguese meal in an private home. The calm ambience and exquisite décor of Leonor`s home, provides a true madeiran experience.

The meal composed by 3 courses, including wines and aperitifs is inspired in old family recipes which are not to be found in are regular restaurants.

A beautiful table set with Madeira embroidery table cloth, portuguese silverware and china, and the warm welcome of the hostess Leonor, who will be able to provide you with local history and her ancient family experiences.

Tuesday | Duration: 3h00m | 72,00€ Adults | 59,00€ Children (7 to 12 years old)


Let yourself be guided to the Regional Market, by a qualified tour guide, born on the island of Madeira, who best knows local fruit, flowers, vegetables and fresh fish and learn the history and traditions behind them.

The Colors, aromas, smells makes this market a must. After visiting the market we pass to the nearby restaurant to start our cooking experience led by an amazing Chef!

Wednesday | Duration: 4h30m | 79,00€ Adults | 55,00€ Children (7 to 12 years old)


Combine a visit and a delightful wine tasting of various wines, to a two family-run exquisite wine estates, known as “Quintas”, with hundred of years old, and also a contemporary winemaker, carefully selected by us. An extraordinary traditional madeiran lunch, will be offered in one of the wineries.

Thursday | Duration: 8h00m | 145,00€ per person


Take a seat at our luxurious tasting table, and prepare yourself for a sensory journey across the island.

Monday | Duration: 4h00m | 98,00€ Adults | 60,00€ Children (7 to 12 years old)


Take a seat at our luxurious tasting table, and prepare yourself for a sensory journey across the island.

Monday | Duration: 4h00m | 98,00€ Adults | 60,00€ Children (7 to 12 years old)


We’ve gathered all our favourite local products into a single, luxurious picnic basket. Going for a levada walk? Pick up a hamper, packed with care by our chef - everything you need for the perfect picnic.

Everyday | Starts at: 10:00 AM | 80,00€ (For two people)


There are moments, tastes and people that are special for you.

Madeira Exquisite Food on Food tours Private Experiences are a great way for you to party exclusively with your friends and family, taking a food tour or any tour you want to create just for yourselves.

Private Experience allow you to add an ingredient of creativity, develop your foodie explorations, curiosity for food production and all kind of traditions rooted in Madeira.

Private Experiences also allow you to match your hobbies, like food, wine, photography, walking, sailing, tours around the Island…

You name it, we'll make it happen for you, contact us!