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Starts at: 9:00 AM on Friday
Duration: 5h00m

Min: 4 people
Max: 16 people


75,00€ per adult

60,00€ per Child (6 to 13 years old)

Experience local flavors and an hour levada walk  on a Cider tasting in Camacha village! The trip combines a fantastic walk in the forest, cider tasting and lunch in one of the few orchards in Camacha.

You start the tour with a fantastic one hour walk along the enchanting "levadas", irrigation channels built hundreds of years ago. The walk alone is an experience in itself and you can enjoy a pleasant walk in the forest and across the village where apples are grown. Comfortable shoes and a jumper are requested.

Camacha Sideri "Quinta da moscadinha" produces some of the finest cider available in Madeira. You will learn more about how traditional cider is made and you will get 3 tastings, followed by the most delicious lunch served in the restaurant of the estate.

The farm started with cider production in 2020 but has produced tasty apple juice for a long time. Surrounded by fruit distillates in French and American oak barrels, you can enjoy tasting various ciders made from the best apples grown by locals.

Apparently Madeira has been producing Cider for more than 500 years. the juice and cider producer has won a number of awards, both nationally and internationally, because so far no one has ever produced cider this quality in Madeira before.

Our Qualified guide will answer questions you may have about the production, taste, or history of the unique cider.


  • Transportation is included
  • Pick up at the hotel located in Funchal or Caniço. 
Please inform us about the name and adress of your hotel or holiday home, in order to be picked up.

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