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Starts at: 9:00 am on Wednesday
Duration: 4h00m

Min: 4 people
Max: 16 people


65,00€ per adult

45,00€ per Child (7 to 12 years old)

A must for visiting gourmets, this intimate tasting session will introduce you to the highlight cheeses of Madeira. At about 40 minutes drive from Funchal, there is the small village of Santo da Serra, where you will find a family business dedicated to the production and selling of dairy products originating on Madeira Island, using around 90% cow's milk, coming from local producers. This company began its activity on June 1, 1995 as a small artisanal cheese factory that produced only Requeijão da Madeira, locally known as curd,a product currently certified as PGI (Protected Geographic Identification) as it is unique in the country and characteristic of RAM.

This product dates back to the 1950s, when the owners' great-grandparents cooked it in iron pans, heated with wood and stirred with a wooden spoon. It was then packaged in cabbage leaves, transported by bus and sIt was then packaged in cabbage leaves, transported by bus and sold in grocery stores and some hotels in Funchal. It is called requeijão, although technically it is a cheese, it has the same proteins as a cheese, since there is no separation between the rennet and cheese.

Over the years, the company grew and adapted the traditional method to market demands and trends, innovating new products that we will try, such as fresh cheese, passion fruit delight, soft cheese, among others.

After this visit, we will proceed with a visit to another small family business that produces delicious "queijadas", tarts made with 70% cottage cheese, flour and sugar. You will watch the preparation and taste this freshly made delicacy. 5m. away, there is a small tea house, with a stunning view over the valley and the sea, where we will enjoy a refreshing tea made with herbs from the garden, an idyllic and harmonious place.

Refreshing pot of tea made with fresh herbs from the garden,  accompanied with local homemade tarts and jams , fresh sweet potato bread and delicious selection of tropical  fruit.

This experience guarantees visits to very traditional places that are completely off the beaten track. It will certainly be a memorable day.

Say cheeseeeee...


  • Transportation is included
  • Pick up at the hotel located in Funchal or Caniço.

Please inform us about the name and address of your hotel or holiday home, in order to be picked up.

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