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Continuing our little exploratory travel, from the previous article: Popular Madeiran Food & Beverages: Part 1 we found ourselves in the word of Madeiran Beverages.

And they are plenty!

Suffice to say we will stick with some of the most popular ones but you can always count on us to uncover more of these wonderful beverages during our exquisite Tours!

As such with Madeira Exquisite Food on Foot Tours you can rest assured we will accompany you every step of the way!

So please check our availability: https://www.madeirafoodonfoot.com/our-tours.html

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As expected the Madeiran gastronomy has something to offer everyone, including: tourists, locals and naturally foodies!

During the first part of this article, we'll uncover a few of the most popular delicacies off the Island in terms of Food.

Part two will then include popular Beverages of the island. Also please note that we will be maintaining their traditional names troughout the article, for cultural & gastronomical purposes.

And don't forget, you can mix and taste all of these fabulous dishes as you please!

Naturally you can count on us to help you find out that special meal (Food & Beverages) during our various exquisite Tours:


Here are some of the most popular:

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      (Jaqueline Freitas - MEFFT General Manager)


We are proud to launch our newest endeavour! Welcome to the Madeira Food on Foot Tours Central!

Our rendez-vous for:

- Bookings!
- Tour information!
- And meeting point for our tours just for you along our lovely guides!

Located in Funchal at Rua do Sabão nº 65 it's time for you to take a look.
Also enjoy photos from our opening party!

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tzoo.125196.0.1131763.Funchal Madeira iStock

Spring is already here! 

From the beautiful landscapes to the suculent food! Madeira is an ideal place to visit this season!

So before Summer take a chance and visit our beloved Island!


Easter Festivities;

To Tours;

To the Rum Festival;

To the Flower Festival!

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fireworks funchal


In this season of hope there is much to do and much to feel.

It's a season of magic & love. Be it Christmas or New Year's Eve!

And as a popular destination, what better place to be than Madeira for the Holidays?

So come along with us: Madeira Exquisite Food on Foot Tours and take note.

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festa vinho g 1


As with the Madeira Flower Festival the Madeira Wine Festival is also one of the island´s main tourist attractions that pays tribute to this precious nectar and its undeniable socioeconomic significance, an event programmed from October,8th to 24th​.

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Within the realm of possiblities and events Madeira Island offers you two major endeavours: The Madeira Flower Festival and Wine Fesival!

Both occuring, exceptionally this year, during October 2021.

The Flower Festival from: October,1st to 24th

The Wine Festival from: October,8th to 24th​.

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Christmas in Madeira Island has a special charm for Madeirans that is simply like no other.

The “Feast Day” is related in every sense of the word to the island traditions.

People from Madeira usually use the expressions “for the Feast”, “the pork for the Feast”, “the Feast month”, “after the Feast”, taking as reference the date adopted for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

It’s a season full of traditions, stemming from the ethnography and folklore of the island, revealing the “historical” side of the Madeiran soul. Even today, these traditions perpetuate themselves through time!