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Jaqueline Freitas, Category: Recipes,

The Madeira Honey Cake is one of the most traditional delicacies of Madeiran gastronomy.

It is made with honey from local sugar cane and it can be preserved and eaten even weeks after being made.

Madeira Honey Cake is traditionally linked to Christmas. Usually it’s prepared on December 8, the day of Nossa Senhora da Conceição however, it can be found in shops all year round.

Jaqueline Freitas, Category: Events,

Christmas in Madeira Island has a special charm that for Madeirans is simply like no other. The “Feast Day” is related in every sense of the word to the island traditions.

People from Madeira usually use the expressions “for the Feast”, “the pork for the Feast”, “the Feast month”, “after the Feast”, taking as reference the date adopted for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

It’s a season full of traditions, stemming from the ethnography and folklore of the island, revealing the “historical” side of the Madeiran soul. Even today, these traditions perpetuate themselves through time!